ZURENA is a unique blend of fresh citrus juices, spices, sweetness, and love. It was created by Nigel Smith, an innovator for some of the world’s most admired brands, and inspired by his late grandfather and renowned mixologist, Carlton Smith.


Nigel’s goal was to create a simple, yet versatile cocktail mixer, that would add an exotic touch to a wide variety of spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. ZURENA awakens the drink it’s infused with and enhances the taste. Spirits become the mellowest, no-bite sipping cocktails. Beer is transformed into shandy, and champagne into tropical mimosas. 


From top shelf tequilas to vodka, rum, and whiskey, ZURENA brings fun, and creativity to the cocktail mixing process. It’s truly a product that mixes well with anything. Uplifting Spirits!