Unlocking Collaborative Potential: Let's Partner for Success!

Corporations and people managers, we would love to partner with you and generate value. Whether it is adding to your culture of innovation and diversity, fostering your brand, or adding to your bottom line, we would love to discuss how we can support.


Here are some ways:

  • Order ZURENA for your corporate events, meetings and retreats. Invent a mocktail named after your company, department or organizational initiative, and serve with pride. [Culture, Brand, Financial]
  • Purchase ZURENA for staff gifts and incentives. [Culture]
  • Invite Team ZURENA to share our story with your staff. Powerful insights on entrepreneurship, calculated risk taking, being agile, learning from failure, and engaging with big corporations for mutual value creation. [Culture]
  • Invite Team ZURENA to elevate your next event with Caribbean flare and delicious mocktails. [Brand]
  • Consider a strategic financial investment in ZURENA [Financial, Culture]

Please email info@myzurena.com to start the conversation.

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