Start Selling Our All-Natural Drink Mixers

ZURENA LLC produces, markets, and distributes high-quality, innovative drink mixers. Both ZURENA Tropical and ZURENA Ginger come in 750 ml bottles and are sold to restaurants, bars, and food service managers for on-premise consumption. We also offer ZURENA to on-premise customers in 1-gallon jugs.

ZURENA solves a number of challenges facing restaurants and bars to improve sales, cash flow, and customer loyalty. The benefits of partnering with or using ZURENA products include:

  • New revenues (new menu items)
  • Improved margins – Revenue/cost factor with cocktails and mocktails
  • Consistency with cocktail and mocktail creation
  • Speed – most cocktails and mocktails made with ZURENA take less than 30 seconds to prepare
  • Pre-batching efficiency
  • Churn slow-moving alcohol inventory with new recipes
  • VIP bottle service upgrade (no more soda/juice)

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