Suit Up – It’s Vacation Time!

Can you work hard if you don’t party harder?

Suit Up – It’s Vacation Time!

It’s a little worrying that we have to write a blog about taking vacations. I mean, isn’t the point of working to earn enough money so that we can take vacations? But then again, there are those called work-o-holics amongst us who need to know the importance of vacations (I cannot roll my eyes enough)

For most of us who like to live our lives outside the confines of the office, surrounded by either towering mountains or crashing waves of water with a drink of our choice in our hand and border on the realms of normalcy, this write-up might be redundant but informative. But for the remainder, who work that extra bit and avoid going on vacations while giving us a bad name, this article is a plea to let yourself loose and reap the health benefits of sipping your favorite concoction while taking a vacation.

Taking vacations, while being beneficial for the economy and the tourism and hospitality industry in general, has many benefits for the human mind and body. We’ll start with the most ironic of the benefits first.

1 Vacation helps you get a better raise:(HAH! so much for busting your @#$%.)

We don’t just enjoy life; we bust our @#$% too. Vacations help us concentrate better and get better ratings and appraisals. Vacationers are usually happier at their jobs and stick for the long haul. An appraisal is what is supposed to make us now believe the importance of vacations in our life.

2 Vacations make you a better boss:(My boss definitely needs one!)

Bosses are also humans; well, most are, or at least some may be. But bosses returning from vacations tend to think clearly and creatively about the company’s future (after the hangover tones down). Bosses are also humans; well, most are, or at least some may be. But bosses returning from vacations tend to think clearly and creatively about the company’s future (after the hangover tones down).

3 Vacations help improve the workflow:(my colleagues need one desperately, so do I)

My colleagues pile the work on me every day. But when going for a vacation, they are impeccable with the systems and updates cause I “officially” have to do their work for the next millennia while they are enjoying life.

4 Vacation happiness may be contagious:(I want to spread this virus)

It’s quite simple, once we come back from vacation, we insist on showing pictures and reciting poetic beauty to colleagues to make them jealous. They, in turn, feign excitement and happiness for me. Oh! The look on their faces once I turn my back!

5 Vacations may lead you to a healthier, longer life:(my Ex should never take one)

Why shouldn’t your life expectancy increase once you’ve had your Thai massage or the bliss of Caribbean beaches and drinks and feel relaxed and loose? And with all the swimming and mountain climbing, you’re bound to become healthier.

6 Vacations help you keep a calm mind:(Gooz Fraaba from Anger Management)(Will should’ve taken one before the Oscars…Sorry, Chris)

How can you keep calm when a client is breathing on your neck? A good vacation helps you relax your mind and keep it in vacation mode even after you return. When stressed at work, close your eyes, picture the sunset, and say “Gooz Fraaba.” You’re good to go!

7 Vacations help you be satisfied with your life:(Nah! if only my spouse were better looking, shhh! don’t tell them)

You can control which place to visit, where to stay, what to drink, and whom to mingle with on vacation. It helps you remain satisfied with life in general. Remember, you’re on vacation and not in a magical world; your wife and husband will remain the same. 

8 Vacation gives you a natural high:(Say No To Drugs! not kidding, brah)

Doing something exciting (don’t be getting any ideas) always pumps adrenaline and dopamine. So do the bungee jump or the scuba or skydive. Go get your natural high while singing “Mr.Tobeias’s” Get Low. 

9 Vacations boost your energy reserves:(Captain Vacation: the new Marvel superhero)

Research says vacations make you work more energetically. The truth is, you’ve already started planning another vacation even before you’ve reached work and have to make sure that you’re not fired from work, so you work with zeal and zest. How else will you sponsor the next holiday?

10 Vacations cut your risk of heart attack:(Damn! my Ex is planning a holiday)

Vacations de-stress you, relax you, are good for your body and mind. There’s no rocket science in knowing that this is better for your heart. What I cannot grasp is, My Ex, that heartless @#$%*, is planning a holiday too! This is why major medical fields have always mentioned the importance of vacations in their own way.


At Zurena, we want your spirits to be uplifted whether you’re at home, with friends, partying, or vacationing somewhere. Our all-natural, alcohol-free drink mixers transform any spirit, wine, beer, bubbly, fresh fruit juice, or tea into magical potions that teleport you to your ideal vacation and party mood while sipping them. Hope we have succeeded by this one to make you understand the importance of vacations in life and chilling with its benefits. Be You, Love You. Enjoy the Zurena Life.