Resolve to Change, Resolve to Enjoy Life!

It’s a brand new year, and people all over the world are poised to make changes for the better. Some resolve to be more conscious of what they put in their bodies. Others make resolutions to live in the moment and appreciate the little pleasures all around us.

Simplicity is Beautiful

Whether eating healthy or enjoying life’s pleasures, there is a beauty in simplicity. When we set out to create ZURENA, we wanted to give people the very best ingredients. We wanted people to be able to taste their beverages without preservatives and harsh fillers getting in the way. So we used all-natural tropical fruits, pure cane sugar, and Caribbean spices. By keeping things simple without compromising on quality, ZURENA is rapidly becoming a staple at bars, restaurants, and homes everywhere, and allows bartenders, chefs, and individuals to unleash their creativity while using ZURENA in all of their recipes.

Conscientious Consumption

Part of the philosophy behind ZURENA is connecting people across cultures and lifestyles. The quality, flavor, and ingredients reflect the resolution we made when we began production in 2016. The ingredients we use reflect cultures spanning West Africa, India, the Caribbean, and yes, your own. We also know that everyone drinks differently, which is why ZURENA enhances and uplifts the classic cocktails while doing the same for mocktails and even simple seltzer spritzers. Fat-free, sodium-free, and gluten-free, ZURENA was created with attention to people’s dietary requirements, while remaining fun and flavorful.

Our resolution to provide quality, flavor, and culture to our customers earned us the 2018 Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival Award for Best Cocktail. No matter what your resolution is for 2021, putting yourself on the right path doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you enjoy, and we at ZURENA want to help you embrace your positive change all year long. Our all-natural, non-alcoholic drink mixer can turn an ordinary mocktail or cocktail into a magical craft beverage. Embrace positive change, enjoy the wonders hidden in the simplicity of quality things, and make this year one worth celebrating every day with ZURENA.