UPLIFTING Spirits: A Celebration of Mothers Everywhere

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and now is the perfect time to reflect and celebrate the important presence mothers have in our lives. Whether it is reminiscing over cherished memories, being celebrated as a mother yourself, or creating new memories with your family, Mother’s Day is about uplifting the SPIRITs of those most important to us.

Uplift Her Spirits

Our mothers have been there for us from the start. They soothed us when we were scared or hurt, and they were there for all of our victories and successes. Throughout our lives, our mothers have uplifted our SPIRITs. So how can you uplift your mother’s SPIRITs?

ZURENA Premium Drink mixer makes every day a special celebration. Using ZURENA to create a handcrafted cocktail or mocktail specifically for Mom based upon what she likes is a great way to show her that you know and appreciate her. ZURENA is a great addition to get-togethers, and because everything is so easy to make, it empowers you to focus your energies on remembering those special moments from the past, and creating new memories.

Our premium drink mixer is all-natural, made with tropical fruit juices, and a blend of Caribbean spices. ZURENA is sodium-free, fat-free, and contains no alcohol, so you can show your mother you know how to have fun with the sophistication and health-consciousness of the wisdom she imparted to you over the years. On this Mother’s Day, uplift her SPIRITs by adding ZURENA to the celebration of the person who has always been with you, in person, in your heart, and in your fondest memories.

At ZURENA, we raise a glass to mothers everywhere, not just on Mother’s Day, but for the entire month of May, and indeed throughout the year.